JFK International Airport and Landing in Hong Kong

At John F. Kennedy International Airport, we arrived at check-in to learn that we need to have proof of our travels out of the Philippines printed so that we can prove to customs that we’re not trying to immigrate into the Philippines, nor are we trying to avoid getting a visa.

So.. We were sent to the British airways/Cathay pacific airways lounge, where I continued with Nootan’s instructions to eat a yogurt everyday to avoid stomach bugs.

15 plus hours later…

Just landed in Hong Kong and Corinne and I couldn’t feel more out of place. Surrounded by “real” Asians is not a position in which we normally find ourselves. However, Calvin, the “journalist,” (as he calls himself in an effort to protect his camera on the airplane) is snapping photos and prancing about and definitely chuckling that he’s showing Asia to a bunch of Asians (Corinne and I).

Random- Airport security here in Hong Kong doesn’t really seem to care that much about what you carry on-board (i.e. the fact that Corinne had scissors in her bag?) Also, the good news is that I am getting to practice some of my long-ago learned mandarin.

Otherwise, for my first 15.5 hour flight- I don’t think that it was that bad.

Leaving for Manila in a couple of hours.

Arrival in Hong Kong!

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