Okay so-


Lesson number… 5?

This morning while I was exchanging my traveler’s checks for cash, someone pickpocketed my blackberry off of me. It was sitting in my side pocket and I wasn’t watching it as I reached for my passport.

Nothing else was stolen! Just my only connection with home, parents, and the remainder of the outside world.

It was also how I was going to share pictures with you all!

Epic fail on my part. Will keep you updated.

- At time of posting in Ninoy Aquino Inter-National Airport, it was 82.4 °F -

Humidity: 88% | Wind Speed: n/a | Cloud Cover: few clouds

Long Day 2 in Manila
First Fail.


  1. Phone is on back order. Will take about a week to get it to you.

  2. Live and learn! Need an address to have phone sent to. Get in touch when you can.

  3. minor setback… sounds like you are okay and wiser for the ordeal. Sorry you had to experience/learn a lesson, but you will be okay!

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