From the Moleskine

The nature here is so splendid, complete with the sounds of villagers preparing rice, the caw of roosters, the buzz of inects, you’d think the world never changed in the last millenia. The life is so rustic and simple, you would wonder why we all have complicated our lives with schools, jobs, taxes, etc. in the first place. People here are so content with so little, we should feel guilty for having so much and still not feeling like we have enough.

But God, or whatever energy you believe in, maybe has put us on this planet with a purpose. We may not be meant to live simple lives. We’re probably meant to be aware of its existence, appreciate it, and then take these pieces of knowledge to improve upon the livelihoods of those who do not have as much as we have and are not as content as the natives living in these villages.

However, they should neither live by our values/standards nor we should not expect or push them to. We should respect these differences while finding a common understanding of what we can share. Then we take these new lessons to help the people who actually are at loss, who need and want our help. For the people in the position to care and have been indebted with the privilege and responsibility to help, we can bring those who are in need to a level of satisfaction and happiness on their own terms.

The Epic Adventures of A-C-C (Annah-Calvin-Corinne)
"I've seen things, you people wouldn't believe..."

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