Hello Saigon!

Just a quick post informing you all that we have landed safely in Saigon and are boarding a connecting flight to Hanoi in 30minutes. First impressions? Everything at Saigon’s international airport is quiet…almost too eeriely quiet. Whereas Manila’s airport had a low buzz when we arrived and departed, Saigon’s airport is dead silent.

Annah also had an issue with her visa that had her entry/exit date printed for July instead of June…so check your visas when you get them unless you like unanticipated hassles and delays!


  • Hanoi, Vietnam!
  • A Health Status check after The Philippines

- At time of posting in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, it was 84.2 °F -

Humidity: 74% | Wind Speed: 13km/hr | Cloud Cover: scattered clouds

Traveler's check redemption
Goodbye Manila, Goodbye Philippines

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