A Sunset in Angkor Wat


Within this post you’ll encounter a really nerdy Myst reference again. But don’t worry, I make up for it with some killer sunset photographs.

We continue our journey from Angkor Wat to Angkor Thom, where again I couldn’t help recall references to Myst:

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 9.21.42 PM

A path in Angkor Wat (real life)

I just had to get that out.

Lonely Planet says that Bayon in Angkor Thom is one of the “weirdest structures on Earth.” I would be inclined to agree:

Naturally, I did the first thing that came to my mind when threatened by condescending faces carved out of stone:

Bayon just got served.

Then we reached Ta Prohm, where Tomb Raider was filmed. What’s fascinating about this place isn’t just the architecture or that Angelina Jolie once saved the world upon these hallowed grounds, but rather how nature interweaves itself seamlessly (and literally) with the man-made temples.

Take a look at that tree trunk (not the tool dancing next to it):


Afterwards we headed up a steep hill to Phnom Bakheng, which is pretty much a “Hi, I’m a freakin’ tourist” party. I did kind of feel guilty for being one of those…people…bringing their big cameras up the hill, but whatever, these pictures are for you guys so don’t complain (and I say that with love, I mean it).


Some fool tries to pull a Michael Jackson (too early for MJ jokes?)


But really, despite however touristy I felt by coming here, the photos of the sunset over Angkor Wat are some of the best I’ve ever captured:


How to give tourists an aesthetic appeal: Add a sunset

Imagine all of that in 1 day… and, it was. But there’s so so many more amazing pictures that I didn’t have room to put up here, so go check them out for yourself: Siem Reap + Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Some more artsy-fartsy pics I took…

Click here for more pictures!

- At time of posting in Siemreap, it was 87.8 °F -

Humidity: 70% | Wind Speed: 7km/hr | Cloud Cover: scattered clouds

Playing Indiana Jones
Siem Reap and the Angkor Temples: Day 1


  1. I love the photos in this entry! Most memorable: first and last two.

    Also you blend into the tones of the photo where you’re in front of that tree, lol

  2. nice shots of the sunset! when we went, my sister and i rode on the elephants up the mountain! bookmarked your album for a later peek :)
    safe travels!


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