Arrival in Bali Minus Some Garments

So – I had asked the previous hotel if they would do my laundry. We dropped it off in the morning and it was left for us in our room when we returned at the end of the day.

I looked inside to find that I was missing:
3 under-garments
3 sports bras
1 white tank top
1 white dress


In any case, I went to go complain to the guy at the front desk. He couldn’t understand me so I was redirected. The second person I talked to didn’t want to give me my money back! He said but then it’s a loss for me and I can’t do anything with the clothes, even if I find them.

I was reimbursed the 17 ringot that I paid for the laundry but still lost about a hundred dollars worth of clothing (sports bras are damn expensive).

We’re in Bali and I don’t think that much clothing will be required here as I will be living in a bathing suit and hat.

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