Rowing down the Ganges


So I made a bunch of new friends at the place I’m staying (The Ganpati Guesthouse) and last night we all had decided to go out for some dinner before going to see a local music show. Despite a vegetarian feast, I think we stayed there a little too long. 


A fantastic festival of vegetarian food

Back outside before heading for the music show

Unfortunately but unsurprisingly, the music performance we intended to see had ended by the time we arrived. But after an easy amount of bartering, the musicians agreed to put on a private show as long as we paid 100 rupees (~$2 USD) per person…and as long as I give an impromptu bhangra lesson:

After the show, we hung out by the balcony overlooking the Ganges. I end up spending 2 hours giving one of my new friends a crash course on WWI, WWII, the Cold War, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the India-Pakistan conflict in big nutshells. I’m surprised how much I remembered. 

While overlooking the balcony, we saw a freaky nightshow in the distance by the mountains. At first we thought it was lightning, then a fire, then a UFO, then an SOS, then a lightshow, then a fire again, then a UFO, and then back to a lightshow.

The next morning I woke up to do a quick boat ride down the Ganges…best way to people-watch in India:

I start up from the Harischandra cremation ghat:

Harischandra cremation ghat

Washing clothes, Varanasi style

Muhnsi Ghat

I affectionately call this "D-Ghat"

The Ganpati Guesthouse is the red building up top:

Meer Ghat

Back in the alleyways of Varanasi

Back at the airport

Just shared a cab with a new friend I made at the Ganpati Guesthouse and we’re now both waiting for our flight to Delhi. There, I board a connecting flight to Amritsar.

- At time of posting in Amritsar, India, it was 96.8 °F -

Humidity: 50% | Wind Speed: 3km/hr | Cloud Cover: few clouds

All that glitters is gold in Amritsar
What Dreams May Come from Varanasi


  1. Awesome stuff here!…and I’m very amazed about how much you remember regarding history because most people don’t remember all that much despite going to school for it. Then again, this is you we’re talking about and you’re hardly most people.

    Also, your description of the lights in the distance oddly reminded me of the Old Spice commercial, lol.

  2. Nice pictures, This and Amritsar. :)


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