Dim Sum for the Soul (and The World’s Longest Escalator System)

UPDATE: I added some videos of the drive in and through Hong Kong – Out of the Airport and into the Maw

I have to say, the 60ºF weather here is a welcome respite from the biting 20ºF I experienced right before leaving NYC. It’s funny to see so many people here walking around wearing winter coats and gloves though, as if 60ºF is their version of cold. Yeaaah, right!

So not even after 10 minutes being settled in my room, I quickly make contact with a friend from college, Michelle Tam, who invites me out for a dim sum brunch with her boyfriend. So I took off and ate to my heart’s content:





They only had an hour to eat before needing to take off to Michelle’s company gathering to see the new Harry Potter film. So I went off by myself to wander around Central.



And then I happen upon the Central Mid-Level Escalators, which are the world’s longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world: Central Mid-Level Escalators on Wikipedia



The littlest escalator steps ever!








It’s over 60ºF out! Why are you wearing a down jacket?

Back in my hotel and making evening plans…Hopefully I get a skyline shot sometime tonight.

- At time of posting in Hong Kong, it was 64.4 °F -

Humidity: 52% | Wind Speed: 22km/hr | Cloud Cover: partly cloudy

Hong Kong by night
Finally out of the airport and into the maw

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