Christmas from San Diego!


When we landed, we remembered that because of the time zone difference that it was still Christmas in San Diego. So this is our attempt at being festive. Merry belated Christmas everyone!


She survived the flight!


San Diego airport


Look at that bag. Not a cochebomba, we promise.


It’s raining in San Diego?!


Eugene, my friend who serves in Navy, comes to pick us up!

Special shout-out to my friend serving in the US Navy, Eugene Mok for coming out to pick us up and letting us crash at his place!



Getting some grub

Going to turn in a few hours and see a little bit of San Diego before heading to south of the broder in the afternoon. It’s good to be in a different city again.

- At time of posting in San Diego, California, it was 57.2 °F -

Humidity: 86% | Wind Speed: 15km/hr | Cloud Cover: Cloudy

Tijuana: DAY ONE
News from the ground

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