Another 5am morning


UPDATE 4 hours later: What a fail. The rain picked up so much by the time we got to the balloons that they decided to send us home. They said they would call us in 2-3 hours if they decided to start it up again but as far as I know, nothing is happening. Nature, WHY?!

I’m pretty disappointed, seeing that we’re leaving Cappadocia tonight for Istanbul. At the end of the day though, it really was out of our control and I get to save 95 euros. But what this really means is that I’m about to pull a General Douglas MacArthur on Cappadocia: “I shall return.” Just you wait.



Drying our clothes in front of a furnace. Yes, if you notice in the middle, we’re also drying all our books.


Dinner at Dibek Restaurant


Breaking open a terracotta clay pot to serve us our testi kebap, which took over 3 hours to prepare and slow-cook (we got to Dibek restaurant earlier in the day to preorder it)


…out comes the testi kebap! And it was scrumptious.


Waking up to quite an unfamiliar ceiling this morning.


It’s currently 5:22am in the morning. We’re soaking wet sitting inside a bus waiting for other people to get on; the worry is if we can make it to the hot air balloons before sunrise. It’s raining outside. Some of our clothes are still wet from yesterday. But there’s wireless on this bus. Badass.



- At time of posting in Cappadocia, it was 55.4 °F -

Humidity: 94% | Wind Speed: 3km/hr | Cloud Cover: rainstorm

Cappadocia on the ATV
There's a Storm in Cappadocia

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