Cappadocia on the ATV

Just because the balloons got rained out doesn’t mean we can’t have another kind of adventure:



They call her MAMA grizzly.


We rented a couple of ATVs and took them out on the town, and caught some beautiful views:


Rose Valley


Driving down the range


A very phallic “Love Valley.” Yes, it’s really called “Love Valley.” Yes, for that very obvious reason.

Sonya: “Maybe that’s why they call it love valley?” Oh Sonya, you’re so innocent.




Cappadocia just got served


Now time to get some…




or take obligatory pictures of cute animals:



- At time of posting in Cappadocia, it was 64.4 °F -

Humidity: 73% | Wind Speed: n/a | Cloud Cover: cloudy, rainy

En route to Istanbul
Another 5am morning

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  1. Penis/”love valley” -LMFAOOOOOOOOO! Especially at your comment on your friend being “innocent”

    Infamous (famous momentum) YOU GOT SERVE pictures- LMAO you and your break dancing poses! Get new ones and I think it’s hilarious how your swag scarf is in your face!

    Food picture: I LOVE THAT ONE! That made me crack up in the middle of work when i saw it. Very creative :)

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