Today I saw Mount Everest with my own eyes.



Approaching Everest and its surrounding peaks.


Mount Everest is the taller one (duh)






Whether it’s the 14-day trek to Everest Base Camp or a 1 hour mountain flight from Kathmandu, everyone should see Earth’s tallest structure at least once in their lives. I went in thinking it wasn’t going to be such a big deal (I get suspicious of anything overhyped), but in the end, laying my eyes on the mountain’s peak was an unreal feeling.

“Oh my god, I saw Everest today.”

- At time of posting in Kathamandu, it was 77 °F -

Humidity: 69% | Wind Speed: 7km/hr | Cloud Cover: mostly cloudy

Kya India?! 24 hr. car ride, scams, and Kashmir
How are the kids?


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