Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

Yesterday’s bombings in Mumbai. 7/13/11.

It’s all over the news in India. A series of bombs went off in 3 separate areas of the city last night during rush hour, 2 of which were in popular areas that foreigners (including myself) regularly would travel through. If we arrived in Mumbai one day earlier, this could have hit any of us. It’s a really really close call. Unfortunately, this was not the case for the scores of Mumbaikers killed last night, and my prayers goes out to them and their families reeling from this latest, despicable act of hatred.

I myself am heading into Mumbai right now. I’ll arrive in a couple of hours and I can already imagine how the city will be on lock-down. The traffic will most likely be jammed and the public anger palpable, but ultimately Mumbai’s resiliency will persevere.

My first time in Mumbai was only a couple of weeks after gunmen held the city hostage for 60 hours on November 26th, 2008. Mumbai then was similar to the character of NYC post-9/11; Mumbaikers were all fully circumspect of what had happened but they wouldn’t let the attacks disrupt their daily lives. I wonder how much may have changed since then. With another one of these attacks, do we become more resilient? or more jaded?- At time of posting in Jaipur, it was 86 °F -

Humidity: 89% | Wind Speed: 3km/hr | Cloud Cover: Haze

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  1. hi trish! i’m fine. i heart you!

  2. **I see now she’s in one of the pictures in the Thar Desert, phew. glad you all are safe <3

    Well, now that I'm a little less worried, BTW, pretty much every picture I've come across in stalking these posts is incredibly stunning. It'd probably just be silly of me to comment on each post "*jawdrop* oohh" but that's pretty much my reaction.. I'm sure the sites are even better in person.

    Looking forward to the next post!

  3. Is this update including Steph? I know she split off before, I wasn’t sure if you guys met up in the desert? Uhmmm, cause, I’m super freaked out now. Please, please, *please* be careful, all of you. Bombs in a city the night before you get there is incredibly worrying >_<


    – Trish

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