Meet the Turkeys; To Central America!

After the obligatory medical exam or two (k the one I took today was pretty rough), I’m once again off to the airport for our next blitzkrieg: Guatemala and Belize in 5 days. Freedom has never tasted sweeter.

Before we begin, please welcome our 3 new co-travelers:


Calvin "O Captain! My Captain!" Sun: Think of me as the show producer…

Maria "The Translator" Funes: Fort Worth, TX; University of North Texas ’09

Cynthia "Cinnamon" Koo: New York, NY; Columbia University ’10

Anna "Vanilla" Wong: New York, NY; Columbia University ’06

I have to hand it to them. A month ago Cynthia posted a wayward comment on my facebook about traveling with me, and 2 conversations later she’s backpacking for her very first time. Anna I’ve never met before. Boom. And Maria, whom I haven’t been in touch with since 2009, literally reactivated her Facebook account last week after 2 years offline, saw my status about this trip, and bought her tickets within the hour. A spontaneous trip if there ever was one…

If there are any requests, recommendations or hollers, let us know. Until then, I’ll see ya in guatemala.- At time of posting in Miami, Miami International Airport, it was 73.4 °F -

Humidity: 84% | Wind Speed: 5km/hr | Cloud Cover: n/a

Lake Atitlan
"The World's Most Dangerous Countries"

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