Las Ramblas

My dad always wanted to come here. He had this idea that I would use my high school level Spanish to show the family around Spain and it would be a grand old time. Even though he never lived long enough to realize that dream, it’s  a nice full circle to be here for him. Of course the high school level Spanish is still the same and it’s fun trying to recall the dregs of a somewhat familiar foreign language lost within the depths of my struggling noggin’. This is for you, dad.

And we’re here! And everyone is still alive.



…so far. But in a country with airports this clean…



…there’s no way anything can go wrong, right?

So we just took the Airport Shuttle Bus (easily titled 1A, costing a mere 5 euros per person) direct to Plaza de Catalunya where we explored a bit of Passeig de Gracia and took a gander at Gaudi’s whimsical Casa Batilo:



…then exploring a bit of Las Ramblas…



…before checking in at Kabul’s Backpacker’s Hostel. So we just started our day, and our next stop will be the epic Sagrada Familia.- At time of posting in Barcelona, it was 60.8 °F -

Humidity: 55% | Wind Speed: 5km/hr | Cloud Cover: n/a

Sagrada Barcelona
Small Sad, Tiny Tragedy, Little Losses

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