The Argentine Air Travel Hack Still Works

The Argentine Air Travel Hack Still Works

I’m not going to take credit for this in any means, but this well-known “Hacking Argentine Air Travel: Flying for Cheap in Argentina” still works. I just tried it out for myself and no shats were given when I boarded.

How I pulled it off: when you book online and say that you’re fom Argentina, the airline company automatically will take you for you word and charge you a price that is sometimes more than 50% cheaper than the regular price for foreigners.

If you’re too lazy to click on that link (does a very thorough job of explaining this), this is what I did to save hundreds of dollars on plane tickets within Argentina:

  1. If you can’t read Spanish, use Google Translate to navigate through the language or Google Chrome’s browser to do it automatically for you
  2. Go on and select “Argentina” as your country of origin
  3. Find the tickets you want; they MUST be domestic flights within Argentina
  4. Book your tickets
  5. Pack lightly so you don’t have to check in any luggage
  6. Check in ONLINE 24 hours before departure
  7. Print your boarding pass before heading to the airport
  8. Walk straight through security and board the plane with your printed ticket
  9. Smile that you just saved hundreds of dollars on a flight by pretending to be Argentine.

Worst case scenario? You are either forced to check-in your bag or you forget to print your boarding pass before getting to the airport. So they discover your ruse and the worst that can happen is that you play the dumb tourist card and pay the difference in cost. No harm done and nobody cares. Either way, you got nothing to lose giving this a shot. It worked for me and this was only 3 hours ago.


Good luck and happy travel hacking!


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