Getting Married In Antarctica

Getting Married In Antarctica

Video of our sailing through the Lemaire Channel:

And cruising around our zodiacs afterwards:


We woke up the next morning near the British-operated Fort Lockroy. There we got the much-coveted passport stamps for Antarctica:


We also finally saw our first sunlight in days:



Everytime we thought we saw something pretty, something else would catch our attention:


Icebergs, sea ice, pack ice — in shapes of every imaginable form:


We sounded the blowhorn to nearby ships just to say hi: 


And we kept sailing north:


We then landed at Paradise Harbor of the main Antarctic continent, where we hiked up to its highest point:


Took in the views:

Paradise Harbor just got served



Most of us chose to slide — or sled (if you brought a plastic garbage bag) — down afterwards:


Witnessed epic avalanches and glaciers calving:


And cruised around in our zodiacs in the harbor:


We were treated to an outdoor subzero BBQ on the ship’s deck upon our return:


But to put a bizarre twist to the celebrations, the Chinese side of the ship asked me to write American wedding vows for a Chinese mainlander couple who wanted to get married on the ship’s deck, with the vows delivered by our Russian captain.

It was pretty weird:


Our group then caught the bouquet, apparently to the Chinese passengers’ dismay:



And with said bouquet, posed for more group photos after the BBQ-Wedding Ceremony:


That night, we got even weirder at the bar when the rest of the ship went to sleep:

And speaking of NSFW, the next day we do the polar plunge (aka skinny dipping)…you have been doubly warned!

- At time of posting in Paradise Harbor, it was n/a -

Humidity: n/a | Wind Speed: n/a | Cloud Cover: partly cloudy

Skinny Dipping In Antarctica (NSFW)
First Landing In Antarctica

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  1. siiiiiiiiiick! hope you are having the time of your life!

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