The trip resumes tonight!

I wake up in what feels like a morning after a night of excess.

Saw a seedier underbelly of this city last night. I can’t write details, but just imagine a toned down version of Trainspotting in Mumbai. As a casual observer, I found it to be a quite a departure from the more innocent social gatherings that my friends from Columbia would introduce me to whenever I visit Mumbai. I admit, I felt like I was thrown back in the nostalgic excesses of high school…

I also got to dance last night at China House with a new friend and fellow dancer Jazba, which ended up being a much needed cardio workout. After a round we looked up to see the entire club forming a circle cheering us on. I’m going to miss that when I leave Mumbai.

It was great to decompress before starting off again, and I will miss lazy days watching the monsoon and reading a book on the balcony of Malabar Hill, sipping on chai or a sweet lassi. But I’m not here to tease myself with the lifestyle of Mumbai’s rich and famous; that’s not why I came on this trip. I gotta keep moving, living out of one backpack and be accustomed to sleeping in moving vehicles and unfamiliar beds. Tonight, the trip starts again.

Bandra just got served

- At time of posting in Bombay, India, it was 86 °F -

Humidity: 79% | Wind Speed: 14km/hr | Cloud Cover: few clouds

Back on the Road...with a lot of pretty pictures
Flashback to Mumbai 2009

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  1. I want to hear more about this Mumbai experience. Enjoy Andra Pradesh. I think the food there is pretty good. It’s a different kind of South Indian food. :)

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