Word Associations

Philippines: Laid Back

  • Manila: Wistful
  • Banaue/Batad: Grand
  • Tagaytay: Single-minded

Vietnam: Frenzy

  • Hanoi: Bustling
  • Hue: Tasty
  • Saigon: Sprawling

Cambodia: Polar

  • Phnom Penh: Heartbreaking
  • Siemreap/Angkor Wat: Breathtaking

Laos: Lethargic

  • Vientiane: Vacant
  • Luang Prabang: Romantic

Thailand: Flashy

  • Chiang Mai: Comfortable
  • Mae Sot: Quaint
  • Bangkok: Hedonism

Myanmar: Overlooked

  • Myawaddy: Foresaken

Malaysia: Blooming

  • Penang: Aromatic
  • Kuala Lumpur: Cosmopolitan

Indonesia: Adventure

  • Bali: Vacation
  • Surabaya: Charmless
  • Gunung Bromo: Surreal
  • Yogyakarta: Rich
  • Jakarta: Congested

Taiwan: Familiar

  • Taipei: Glitzy

Singapore: Disney

India: Sensual

  • Calcutta: Lively
  • Varanasi: Holy
  • Amritsar: Spiritual
  • Jaipur: Dusty (Pink)
  • Jodhpur: Relaxed (Blue)
  • Udaipur: Charming
  • Mumbai: Haven
  • Hyderabad: Personal
  • Hampi: Magical
  • Hospet: Unattractive
  • Goa: Lush
  • Bangalore: Effortful
  • Mysore: Adequate
  • Chennai: Frustrating (Learning Curve)
  • Mamallapuram: Pleasant

Singapore II: Fateful

New York City: Home

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"kuch bhi ho sakhta hai"
Returning Pains

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