Keeping my promises


Last year I ate a sumptuous dinner at Indique Restaurant, while treated to gorgeous views of Meherangar Fort in Jodhpur. The problem was, I was alone:


Last year’s dinner

So I promised the next time I would be back, I wouldn’t be alone. And almost exactly one year later, destiny would call:


This year’s dinner.

Full circle.  Ring theory. Whatever you call it, it feels good to make this happen. Never would’ve thought I’d be back in the first place.


In other news, we drove by a wedding procession on the way to the restaurant:


And there was a fireworks display in the distance during our dinner:


The next morning Stephanie arrived from her Jodhpur alive and best of all: still smiling. They’re going to do the itinerary I did last summer while I kick it and chill out on the rooftop. Nothing like a day of doing nothing…

- At time of posting in Jodhpur, it was 78.8 °F -

Humidity: 77% | Wind Speed: 2km/hr | Cloud Cover: Haze

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