Sexy Seville

Can’t write much today because we’re about to get picked up by a car to Gibraltar in about 2 min…but pictures do enough justice of being worth thousands of words, right?


Why are you so pretty Seville? 


Picking fruit and eating it, the old school style.

All you need to do in Seville if you got only one day…it’s quite a simple, easy to navigate city.

Plaza de San Francisco:

Seville Cathedral:

Views from the Giralda Tower (accessible within the Cathedral):

The Alcazar (Castle):

The Alcazar just got served.

Alcazar peacocks:

A pretty male.

A few people in our group determined she was the female because she wasn’t as pretty as the male:

Getting lost within Barrio de Santa Cruz:

Making new friends (Thanks for taking us around Álvaro! And thank you AIESEC at Baruch College for introducing us to him!):


And how tired we ended up being:

Today’s challenge: 3 countries in one day; our final hours in Spain, a few hours in Gibraltar, and ending up in Morocco before the the night is over.

- At time of posting in Sevilla / San Pablo, it was 42.8 °F -

Humidity: 81% | Wind Speed: 10km/hr | Cloud Cover: n/a

Holy Flying Buttress, Batman!
Sleepless in Sevilla


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