The Unexpected Aloha


Sometimes we at The Monsoon Diaries surprise even ourselves with some unplanned, last minute trips. Until approximately 48 hours ago, I had no idea would be in Hawaii. And here I am in Honolulu for 4 days.

To give this context: I just completed my second year of medical school. Sometimes there’s just no other way to celebrate.



6:30am flight from Newark


A Korean temple that went slightly over Hawaii’s building code height restrictions…so they had to chop a little off the top


The view outside my room

I started off my day by visiting the famous Dole Plantation.


The Dole Plantation just got served

Don’t leave without trying their famous pineapple soft-serve:


A work of art





Afterwards we drove north to snorkel along Three Tables, a beach along North Shore (the northern part of Oahu island):


Maybe you’ll come across a sea turtle, or maybe even a seal?


"Look, a seal!"

So I spent the entire day with Hawaii’s 2 most beautiful and their friend Jordan Segundo from American Idol. What else is new?


I’m not going to write too much more because, uhm, there isn’t much else to write about. This has been my hard-earned vacation from medical school. I hope you understand.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures. Wish you were here (not really).

- At time of posting in Honolulu, Honolulu International Airport, it was 78.8 °F -

Humidity: 48% | Wind Speed: 13km/hr | Cloud Cover: few clouds

Sorta like Deja Vu
Beginner's Luck


  1. Not a bad choice for a celebration!! Looks wonderful. We’re hosting a cousin of mine here in Spain in a few weeks before she starts med school, so I’m looking forward to giving her a similar relaxing yet adventurous time.

    Hope you have a great time!

  2. Congrats! Too bad we can’t meet up–we’re on the big island.

  3. go to lanakai beach!! it’s a beaut.

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