Saigon Excursions

With the departure of our dear Corinne, an awaited meet-up with Caitlin in Laos, and one day to do everything in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Calvin and I set out to cover the city’s attractions and do errands before Cambodia.

  1. Bus Station – buy tickets ($10 USD) to leave Saigon for Cambodia.
  2. Hindu Temple
  3. Reunification Palace
  4. War Remnants Museum – one of the most depressing points of our day – an embarrassing moment for me as an American to see and read about everything we did in Vietnam.
  5. Post Office – Calvin and I have already accumulated a few items to be sent home/to friends.
  6. Bank – I needed USD in order to leave Vietnam – I need to pay for my Cambodian visa and the “processing fee” at the border in US cash.
  7. Saigon Central Mosque
  8. Bahn Xeo – the best yet!
  9. Pit-stop for Che
  10. Jade Emperor Pagoda – it only took us forever to find it among the myriad of streets and lack of adequate identification on a map.
  11. Supermarket

All finished before 3:30pm.

Streets of Saigon:

Burning Incense at the Hindu Temple:

My first experience with the snack beverage “Che” – a Vietnamese food stall commodity. It was great for taking the place of Taro-Coconut boba tea that I’ve been CRAVING since leaving home. I’d like to stock up on it before leaving Vietnam… but I leave tomorrow morning and I didn’t exactly bring Tupperware containers with me to Southeast Asia.

Jade Emperor Pagoda Videos:

Taxi Driver in Saigon:

The interesting thing is – he’s less bold than the drivers in Hanoi.

- At time of posting in Ho Chi Minh, it was 87.8 °F -

Humidity: 70% | Wind Speed: 11km/hr | Cloud Cover: few clouds

Saigon in 8 hours + A few disturbing photographs
12 hours in Saigon!

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