Planning ahead

I’m deciding on the trip to happen next year, an 8-10 week hiatus of what possibly could be my last real summer vacation for many many years.

The options in order of perceived difficulty:

1) Europasia on a Rail: Trans-Siberian Railway Network from Russia – Mongolia – China

2) Northern Southern Asia: Leh (India) – Dharamsala (India) – Darjeeling (India) – Nepal – Burma

3) South America: Argentina – Chile – Bolivia – Peru – Ecuador

4) Central America: Panama – Costa Rica – Nicaragua  – Honduras – El Salvador – Guatemala – Belize

5) Africa: South Africa – Swaziland – Mozambique – Botswana – Zambia – Tanzania – Kenya – Ethiopia – Southern Egypt

6) True Europasia: Leh (India) – Dharamsala (India) – Darjeeling (India) – Nepal – Burma – China – Mongolia – Russia

7) The Latin American Epic: Argentina – Chile – Bolivia – Peru – Ecuador – Guatemala – El Salvador – Honduras – Nicaragua – Costa Rica – Panama- At time of posting in NYC, it was 71.6 °F -

Humidity: 27% | Wind Speed: 6km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear

This winter: MEXICO
The Things We Carried


  1. so my current list reads: oaxaca, southern europe, istanbul, india, nepal.
    so i would love to join you for option 2.
    alternatively, i could do some combination of 2 and 5 or 2 and 3.
    basically i need to fit 2 in there becuase i haven’t visited avanti yet, and i want to hike some mountains.
    have you thought about using STA for some around the world tickets?

  2. I’m actually planning to tour Africa ever since my friend traveled from one end of the continent to another. But I definitely throw my vote in for Latin America Epic… 1) probably safer 2) amazing natural sites 3) my friends’ stories make me jealous…I guess you can further contribute to my jealousy too.

    Good Luck!

  3. No Colombia in south am?

    I’d say either south america or africa!

  4. Africa should be next. Think about it, the Pharaohs are just dying to get served ;D

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