Finally out of the airport and into the maw


I realized that Hong Kong is the city I’ve been to the most without actually being in it. I passed through Hong Kong to get into Manila, Surabaya, Taipei, and scores of other destinations in Asia throughout my life but never once have I stepped foot outside the terminal. Until now.


I know. My lens needs a cleaning

Finally released from HKG Airport and out to explore the Pearl of the Easts.

He looked like how I felt when I got off the plane

So even if you tell them you go to medical school, they add the "Dr." to your name. Works for me.

From the airport

A famous little bridge


my bathroom

The view from my room

The view from my room

Off I go to get Dim Sum with a friend from college. Not even an hour after landing and I got plans to catch up.

- At time of posting in Hong Kong, it was 59 °F -

Humidity: 51% | Wind Speed: 20km/hr | Cloud Cover: partly cloudy

Dim Sum for the Soul (and The World's Longest Escalator System)
In Vancouver


  1. Thanks for letting us see the world through your eyes, pretty nice!

  2. Dag, son, you’re ballin’ if you’re living in that hotel! Check out the sky views from Tsim Sha Tsui, and the light show that goes on at 8pm! and you’re so lucky to be in HK: it’s around Christmastime, and HK can be really beautiful now. But yeah, I had the best time abroad with locals, eating home-cooked food with my family there and in cramped public housing spaces (I thought my apt. in NYC Chinatown was small- dag!). Enjoy. I miss HK a lot =)

  3. what hotel is this?

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